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  • 6010 Hoffman Lane
    Fair Oaks, CA
    4 beds | 4 baths
  • 4820 Ehrhardt Ave
    Sacramento, CA
    3 beds | 2 baths

Monthly Buyer Tips

Walloping the competition!

Buying a home can be frustrating, especially being beat time and time again on houses that you love. A few pointers that I have for you home buyers. Find the area that you must be in; searching a large area will only spread you and your realtor thin. You won’t be able to see as many homes in a decent amount of time. Find the size house you cannot live without. Don’t even look at the houses that are too small for you needs. Find your max price range, looking at homes over your budget will just waste time. Once you have it narrowed down to the area, size and price, the instant a good deal, or the right home shows up on the market, you can act fast and be the first and best offer to win the bidding war. One last tip, write the best offer possible, losing out on a home over 2,000 dollars or less is probably not worth another month of searching.
We hope you will find everything you need for your real estate needs on our site. We are professionals with over 12 years combined real estate experience. We handle everything from short sales to large acreage and everything in-between. If you don't see what you’re looking for, shoot us a quick email and we will gladly get what you need!!! We are always here to help!   

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